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3D Printing Sand Table

3D Printing For Sand Table

3D printing technology has received widespread attention in recent years and has made significant progress in its application in various fields. In terms of the real estate sand table production field, 3D printing technology has incomparable advantages of traditional manufacturing process, not only can quickly and accurately create a reduced scale of three-dimensional solid model, but also to meet the needs of personalisation and customisation, so that sand table production to a broader space.

Traditional real estate model production mainly adopts manual or semi-mechanized processing methods, processing and production tools are more often used sheet metal, woodworking and processing tools, professional production tools are few and far between. Moreover, the traditional sand table production is to get the plan design sketch, and the production company has to study the design sketch carefully to understand it. The production staff then mixes the corresponding colour of paint according to the colour scheme of the building drawing, sprays it on the corresponding PVC board and sends it to the design department for engraving. The whole process is complex and arduous, with long lead times, low detail accuracy and very expensive.

Based on the digital manufacturing process, 3D printing combines an accurate virtual 3D model with a real physical object, greatly reducing the threshold and time cycle of sandbox manufacturing. 3D printing shows people a three-dimensional image of a multi-dimensional space with its intuitiveness and wholeness.“The 3D printer prints out the designed 3D drawing directly, with a production cycle of less than a week, and the effect is very realistic, facilitating a more intuitive understanding of the overall layout of the building by the client. If the client makes changes, the designer can re-edit and save them on the file in time and then connect the 3D printer to reprint them.”

Advantage Of 3D Printing Sand Table

With the natural advantage of ‘design-as-production’, 3D printing technology transforms architectural design drawings, which can only be read by professionals, into intuitive three-dimensional building models, allowing designers and clients to communicate design solutions more effectively and avoid delays and cost overruns caused by wrong design directions. Overall, 3D printing technology revolutionises the sand table production process while creating a new mode of communication between designers and clients.

The use of 3D printing technology to produce a distinctly differentiated sand table model is very cost effective, not only is the delivery two to three times faster than traditional manual work, but the price will also be lower. Moreover, 3D printed resin products can be painted and coloured at a later stage, which can meet most of the needs of sand table appearance.

World-Class Sand Table 3D Printing Services

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Better Presentation Than Traditional Manufacturing

3D printing makes design ideas visible, and digital parametric design using a detailed scale model makes it easier to discuss your design ideas and better identify design strengths and weaknesses.
And most importantly for the end customer, a 3D printed architectural model allows for a realistic and rapid representation of ideas and sketches, making it easier to select the best solution.

Significant Savings In Manufacturing Time

Using a 3D printer it is possible to turn a design into a physical object at your fingertips, easier and faster than traditional production, without complicated processes, and in just 1-3 days of printing, which significantly reduces the time required to produce a scale model.
Another point of saving time lies in mastering the necessary 3D printing model design rules after the use of 3Dmaxmaya, rhino, SketchUp such programs to design a 3D model can be directly output for printing digital files, directly connected to the 3D printer for printing, which can greatly save the design production time.

Easier To Modify And Adjust

3D printing allows for more flexibility with models, if a client suggests changes then the 3D model file can be edited, shared with colleagues and then reprinted. If an identical model is still needed, then another one can be printed. This is the beauty of 3D printing – the control is completely in your hands. Simple, fast and efficient!