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Resin 3D Printing

Resin 3D Printing Services

Photosensitive resin is uv resin, composed of polymer monomer and prepolymer, which is added with light (ultraviolet) initiator or called photosensitizer, in a certain wavelength of ultraviolet light irradiation immediately cause polymerization reaction, complete curing, photosensitive resin is generally liquid, used to make high strength, high temperature resistance, waterproof, etc., photosensitive resin 3d printing is commonly used in mainstream SLA 3d printing machine, most imported or domestic DLP desktop machine, etc. Photosensitive resin materials have good liquid flow and instant light-curing characteristics, liquid photosensitive resin has become the preferred material for 3D printing consumables for high-precision product printing.A wide range of resin materials are available, including imported photosensitive resins, imported high precision and high toughness resins and transparent photosensitive resins.Resin 3D printing services are on-demand manufacturing servicesthat use Resin 3D Printing technology, like SLA,DLP, SLS and PolyJet 3D printers, to offer you custom-designed models, for cheap.

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Good liquid flow,instant light curing properties, and consisting of a polymer monomer photosensitive resin can be machined using resin 3d printing services at Wonder, which is a reliable supplier of precision resin 3d printing parts, we can work well with a wide selection of resin . Based on years of experience and knowledge accumulation, we can produce most custom resin parts according to customer requirements and orders.Resin printing services is a versatile and efficient manufacturing solution to get a large number of high-quality parts with complex geometries and high consistency. From design to material to production, we are well-equipped and skilled to help you gain the best outcome.

These services have blown up in popularity over the past few years, and they’re surprisingly low-cost, with orders as low as $5.Get an instant 3D printing quote today. On-demand 3D printing for rapid prototyping and production. Lead times as fast as 1 day.

Why Choose Us for Resin 3D Printing?

  • Consultative Quoting:Our industry-leading tolerances and surface finish quality stems from a dedicated process engineering and quality team for each 3D printing technology. If required for your parts, we offer a variety of post-process options such as heat treating, secondary machining, plating, painting, and dyeing to further enhance mechanical properties and cosmetics.
  • Wide Material Selection:Across our six 3D printing technologies, we use a range of Standard resin, gray resin, yellow resin, and transparent resin to 3D print parts that are suitable for various part applications and industries. We will also work with you to determine optimal part orientation based on your application’s requirements.
  • Scale and Production:Our resin printing facility is home to more than 40 3D printing machines that produce resin and other parts. This means we’ll always have capacity when you need parts fast–whether it’s a prototype parts or production level volumes.

The Types Of Resin 3D Printing

Resins are the perfect 3D printing materials if you are looking for smooth surfaces, high-quality, detailed prints and a wide variety of finishing and post-processing possibilities.Wonder resin 3d printing services covers a wide range of resin materials, including 3d printing process for Imported white resin (9900),Imported toughened resin (9200),Imported super high temperature resin (9500),Imported transparent resin A (9100),temperature resistant resin (8809),white resin A (8900),yellow resin (8800) and Imported black resin (9000)etc.,