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3D Printing Medical

The manufacture of medical devices, like any other product, requires the creation of product prototypes for design verification during the development phase of a new product.

3D Printing For Medical Device

The next-generation precision medicine industry is a strategic emerging industry that China is focusing on developing. China has been introducing 3D printing technology into the medical industry since the early 1990s. After nearly 30 years of development, with the gradual integration of 3D printing technology and the medical industry, 3D printing technology has successfully ventured into the fields of oral prosthetics, customised prosthetics, surgical guides and medical implants. In the future, it may enable the printing of active tissues such as cells, and even complete the printing of complex organs such as complete kidneys, livers and hearts.

SmartTech predicts that the global medical 3D printing market will reach US$8.9 billion by 2022 and will maintain a compound growth rate of over 16% in the next 10 years. In addition to the dental and orthopaedic fields, which have mature applications at this stage, 3D printing is also expected in the fields of personalised and precise medical devices and organ reconstruction.

The potential of metal 3D printing technology in the medical device sector has gone beyond prototypes to undertake the manufacturing of complex surgical instruments.

For example, in surgery to repair an ACL injury in the knee, the surgeon first has to remove the remaining ACL and then accurately replace it with the graft ligament. To ensure that the procedure is precise and minimally invasive, the surgeon needs to use a precise and special surgical tool.

The nickel-chromium-iron alloy used to make this tool is a difficult material to machine, which makes it difficult, time-consuming and costly to manufacture using traditional machining methods. In this case, the use of metal 3D printing technology is more suitable.

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3D Printing Medical Model

The Some Case Studies Of Metal 3D Printing

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New Product Development For Medical Devices

All kinds of test and assembly parts can be manufactured quickly and economically, replacing the high costs and long lead times of traditional mass production in moulds.