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3D Printing Sculptural And Statues

3D Printing For Sculptural And Statues

With the development of technology, more and more jobs are replaced by machines. Industrial machines make up for the lack of human physical labor, and computers become more convenient tools to help people complete various mental tasks. Now, digital modeling and sculpture technology are also widely used in the design industry. More and more functions are provided by software for sculptors to create combined creations. CNC machine tools are used to precisely engrave 3D printers to complete the production, which no longer requires more than ten years of work. Experienced stone or woodcarving masters greatly reduce the uncertainty of labor costs and human errors, and sculpture production is on the road to industrialization.

The simulation of materials by computer helps the artist to have a clear idea of the materialization in the future. And digital sculpture not only assists sculptors to complete their creation, but also saves a lot of cost in construction. Stone carving and wood carving no longer require experienced masters to carve thousands of thousands of carvings, but only need to be handed over to CNC machine tools or robotic arms to complete. And the complex shapes of large-scale urban sculptures are no longer human visual inspection, but precise drawing brought by computers. Through calculus-style ferrules, the artist’s small drafts can be accurately enlarged as they are. These are all brought by 3D technology. Some conveniences in the process of artistic creation.

If 3D printing technology is introduced into the sculpture creation process, the creation time of the sculpture can be greatly reduced and a lot of manpower and material resources can be saved.

During the conceptualisation stage of the sculpture, the quick reproduction function of 3D printing technology can be used to obtain detailed information on the shape of the object, eliminating some sketching activities.

During the creation of small drafts, the 3D printing technology can be used to produce different small drafts in a short period of time, so that they can be selected and refined.

The advantage of 3D printing over traditional sculpture is that it allows for extremely neat, complex and precise forms that can be scaled up and down at will, saving a great deal of time in sculpture creation.3D printing technology can also assist in the training of copying in sculpture.

Copying is essential to the study of sculpture, and the study of classical sculpture helps to improve the grasp of form and volume, to improve the eye’s perception and to train the hand’s control.

We often record the highlights or meaningful moments in life by taking pictures, but whether it is a developed photo or a photo stored in a mobile phone or a camera, the picture presented is always flat. Have you ever thought about turning these moments into tangible entities through 3D scanning and 3D printing technology, so that you can truly feel these moments anytime, anywhere?

With the help of today’s 3D scanning and 3D printing technology, family members, lovers, friends or yourself can be printed into lifelike 3D sculptures, which can be placed in the office, car, bedroom or anywhere for aftertaste at any time.

Making a custom 3D printed statue generally requires the following steps: 3D scanning, 3D modeling (including scanning data optimization), 3D printing and coloring, and painting.

We Provide World-class Sculptural And Statues 3D Printing Services

Wonder Tech is dedicated to providing game-changing solutions- high-performance solutions and faster Sculptural And Statues 3D Printing services with flexible designs.

We have brought nearly 20 years of materials and manufacturing expertise to every layer of your 3D products to help you in unlocking every dimension of 3D printing techniques.

All these sculptures can be realized with 3D printing technology, which allows the perfect combination of technology and art. 3D printing technology has brought subversive innovation to the sculpture industry and brought great convenience to artists. We discover and look forward to sharing more beautiful 3D printed sculpture art works!

3D printing technology can be used to replicate classic sculptural works of art for students to observe, study and learn from, which can greatly increase the learning effect, improve learning progress and reduce learning time.

The 3D scanning and 3D printing equipment is based on the original artefacts, and the 3D digital model of the artefacts is first structured through non-contact scanning, and then a replica of the artefact is ‘printed’ using stereoscopic printing technology to obtain a cloned master copy with a high resemblance rate without damaging the sculpture. It can also be secondarily moulded, which, when combined with replication techniques, allows for the creation of more simulated models. This not only saves economic costs, but also does not affect the safety of cultural relics, and is more suitable for the development of cultural and creative products for museums.

Wonder Tech specialises in one-stop 3D scanning and 3D printing design and modelling services for heritage sculptures, please call us for more information.

Sculptural And Statues 3D Printing Process

The introduction of new technologies brings not only challenges, but also opportunities for change.

Wonder Tech provides a range of high-quality 3D printing (additive manufacturing) services, including FDM, SLA, SLS and SLM. This allows for the 3D printing of plastics and metals, and provides options for both prototyping and production.

3D printing is a great way to create one-off parts or small batches, and can be used to create complex geometries that could not be realised using traditional manufacturing processes.

Wonder Tech’s Case Studies On Sculptural And Statues 3D Printing

With two decades of offering on-demand production and rapid prototyping services, Wonder Tech is the perfect partner for bringing ideas to life. We have a wide range of processes and materials to choose from, each with its own benefits and applications.If you have this requirement, please contact our professional team at [email protected] or contact us by visiting our website, we will provide you with a quote for free for the first time. Upload a model and we’ll do the rest!

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Why Choose China 3D Printing Sculptural And Statues Services

China is a big country in the sculpture industry with a complete industrial chain layout. The scale of the industry ranks first in the world and shows a trend of continuous growth year by year. According to statistics, the domestic sculpture market will reach 500 billion yuan in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 19.6%. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, art and technology have begun to merge, the latitude of space has been broken, traditional sculptures have begun to change, and digital sculptures have emerged. It is a new sculpture art form combining computer digital technology and 3D printing manufacturing technology. Compared with traditional sculpture, digital sculpture improves the artist’s work efficiency and optimizes the artist’s creative method: through the combination of 3D printing and 3D scanning, the artist’s manuscript can be digitized first and then directly printed to accurately present the sculpture and save production time. In the stage of sculpture creation and conception, 3D printing technology can be used to quickly obtain detailed object image modeling information; in the stage of creating sketches, 3D printing can be used to quickly make samples for deliberation and selection. Compared with manual sculpture, 3D printing can achieve extremely complex and precise images, it is suitable for any complex shape, and it is very convenient for scaling up and down. At the same time, 3D printing can realize free design, and artists can directly carry out creative carving and modification in the 3D design draft, completely getting rid of many manufacturability constraints, fast, accurate and simple, and greatly releasing the space for design innovation.

With the development of the sculpture industry and the gradual understanding and adoption of digital and other new creative methods by artists, Wonder Technology, which has always focused on the industrial scale application of 3D printing, regards the application of 3D printing in the fields of sculpture and cultural creation as an important strategic layout. Sculpture and cultural creation business covers the design, production and sales of digital sculpture, cultural creativity and other products, the application of 3D printing in sculpture, cultural creation, tourism and other fields, as well as the organization, planning and consulting services of cultural and artistic activities. At present, the main brands include Bronze Age, Pinxuan Culture, and Lumi Culture.

In 2021, Wonder Technology will hold Tongling Bronze Age Sculpture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bronze Age”) as an important part of the digital sculpture and cultural creation business sector. The Bronze Age is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the creative design, production and sales of large-scale bronze city sculptures, religious art sculptures, and original shelf sculptures. The company has a professional art design and art casting team, including national registered urban sculpture designers, Senior arts and crafts artist, provincial arts and crafts master, etc. It has domestic advanced investment precision casting, resin sand casting, gypsum integral casting, bronze forging and various metal art processing techniques. Participated in the drafting of two industry standards. It undertakes many national, provincial and ministerial projects such as the technological innovation fund project of the Ministry of Science and Technology for small and medium-sized enterprises, and the technological innovation project of the Ministry of Culture. At the same time, it is also the teaching practice base and art processing base of many professional art colleges such as the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Xue Huangang, chairman and general manager of Bronze Age, said: “After joining the Bronze Age, Wonder Technology’s sculpture and cultural and creative industry chain will be further improved, and service capabilities will be comprehensively improved in terms of technology, manufacturing, and market applications. Technology and technology On the one hand, it will continue to give full play to the advantages of rapid casting of SLS wax mold large-scale sculptures, and optimize SLA photosensitive casting and other processes. In terms of production and manufacturing, it will further improve the manufacturing, delivery efficiency, production capacity, and quality control capabilities of sculpture products. In terms of market applications, It will further realize the resource integration of the sculpture and cultural creation industry chain, deepen the application of 3D printing in sculpture, cultural creation, tourism and other fields, and create an ecology of technological sculpture and technological cultural innovation.”

Sculpture 3D Scanning Reproduction

A high precision 3D scan is used with an industrial grade 3D printer to create a model of the sculpture that is exactly the same or scaled to the original sculpture.

Sculpture 3D Printing Production

The 3D digital files of the sculptures produced by the client are prototyped by a 3D printer, shaped in one piece to the dimensions and wall thicknesses provided by the client and post-processed with paint and colour plating etc.

Sculpture Re-Moulding In Other Materials

We can turn your sculptures into other materials such as resin moulded fibreglass, cast bronze and other durable materials.

Sculptural Model Restoration

Restoration of sculptural models through 3D modelling techniques for subsequent production design production.

Unlimited Possibilities With New Technologies

Compared with manual sculpture, the advantage of 3D printer is that it can realize extremely regular, complex and precise images, and it is very convenient to scale up and down. In these aspects, Sculpture and Statues 3D Printing technology can replace traditional sculpture techniques, but it can never fully replace sculpture. home work. Because even if the shaping process can be done by a machine, the core of 3D printing – the establishment of a 3D design draft, is still inseparable from professional qualities such as strong spatial imagination and good aesthetic ability. In addition, just as photography cannot replace painting, it is difficult for mechanical products to express the unique beauty of hand-crafted sculptures. Today, when most products are mass-produced, manual flaws are extremely valuable, and the uniqueness caused by this is precisely the uniqueness of hand-crafted sculptures. Most charming. Contemporary sculptors must be aware of this, so the first thing they think of is how to use this new technology to combine it with their own creative needs. Sculptor Frank Stella used a 3D printer to achieve a unique effect that “makes the work stand out from the wall like a relief” that was “too difficult and burdensome” to achieve with traditional methods . Brooklyn-based artist Shane Hope (Shane Hope) specially made a 3D printer himself, and deliberately adjusted the structure to make some errors in the printing results, so as to realize the uniqueness of the work.
Today, with the emergence of new technologies and new inventions, the rapid acceptance and mastery of new things and cross-border cooperation have become the general trend of contemporary art. The shocking effect brought about by the emergence of photography more than a hundred years ago cannot be replicated, but I believe that in the future , The innovation and infinite possibilities brought by 3D printing technology to art will never be inferior to the influence and advancement of photography on traditional painting.