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Shipping And Packaging

Why Shipping And Packaging Matters

Wonder Tech has strategic packaging warehouses located in China. With more than 2,000 sq ft available, it allows us to stock over 100+ items, while improved packaging speed for customer parts.

We understand that numerous customers do not have the proper space required to house their inventory. This is one reason why Wonder offers JIT (Just In Time) programs for our customers. We can work with you on a warehousing program to meet your company’s needs.

Meanwhile Wonder cooperated with very professional freight forwarders in China, shipping your 3d printing products or other parts carefully with multiple shipping options.We ship hundreds containers of spare parts each month to over 100 countries in the world, we always aim to provide you the premier quality parts and grow with your business.

Most Used Shipping Service

Huge care and expertise are employed in packing 3d printing products, but it’s still vulnerable during transport. We track individual deliveries and monitor the ongoing performance of our hauliers to ensure high standards of care and punctuality are maintained.

Wonder Tech utilizes several different shipping methods that are detailed below. For each product on our website, you may mark down the particular shipping method or use our recommended method.

  • Sea freight
  • Air freight
  • Railway freight
  • Truck Shipping
  • Express Shipping

Most Used Shipping Terms

Usually, when we quote you, we will use FOB incoterms, but if you want to use other shipping terms like EXW, C&F, CIF, etc, do tell us first. We also can provide you door-to-door shipping service for any of your orders.

Containers Shipped Out From Our Factory This Week

Throughout the entire process of our supply chain management​, consistent on-time delivery is vital and very important for the success of our business. Our warehouse department makes sure that your products are stocked properly before being delivered. Minimizing the supply chain bottlenecks between the customer and the business, by directly delivering 3D Printing products from our own distribution centers and company outlets, makes us experts in what is of the utmost importance to you—on-time delivery.