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Realize the precision forming of aluminum alloy parts, the overall size consistency is good, the processing cycle is short, which is conducive to the rapid verification of new products; the batch of key parts of high-end equipment is small, the cost of mold opening is high, and the production cycle is long. Read more

3D Printing Automotive Rocker realizes the precision forming of high-strength steel parts, and 3D printing integrated forming, which reduces the weight by 23% compared with the original design; no post-processing is required, and the manufacturing cycle is shortened by 50%-70%. Read more

This structure adopts arc additive manufacturing technology: (WAAM) one-time overall preparation and forming, the structure is a spatial topology structure, the spatial envelope size is 550550900mm, and the minimum hanging angle of the structural branches is 65. 2. Read more

Case Studies

Scaling Bronze Sculpture

Sculpture company wanted to equivalently scale down an existing sculpture and turn it into a scaled-down version as a souvenir....

Custom Stamps Via Images

The client wanted a customised seal based on a manuscript. Once the manuscript was obtained the lines were first extracted,...