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3D printed titanium alloy pen. The material used is titanium alloy. The flowers are integrally formed with a hollow design, with exquisite design and exquisite workmanship. The surface of the pen body is composed of a world map and the words “in the world, in Xi’an” in multiple languages, with a delicate texture. Read more

3D printed titanium alloy lampshade. The integrated manufacturing of thin-walled, large-sized, hollowed-out and special-shaped curved surface structures has been realized. The process performance is stable, the surface quality is high, and the space is beautifully shaped. Read more

The full name of the Dake Ding is the Dake Ding of the Western Zhou Dynasty, also known as the Ke Ding and the Shanfu Ke Ding. It is an extremely important bronze ware in the Western Zhou Dynasty. Through the new hollow lattice design. It adopts integral forming of lattice structure, and the manufacturing material is titanium alloy. Read more

Case Studies

Scaling Bronze Sculpture

Sculpture company wanted to equivalently scale down an existing sculpture and turn it into a scaled-down version as a souvenir....

Custom Stamps Via Images

The client wanted a customised seal based on a manuscript. Once the manuscript was obtained the lines were first extracted,...