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Realize the precision forming of aluminum alloy parts, the overall size consistency is good, the processing cycle is short, which is conducive to the rapid verification of new products; the batch of key parts of high-end equipment is small, the cost of mold opening is high, and the production cycle is long. Read more

3D Printing Automotive Rocker realizes the precision forming of high-strength steel parts, and 3D printing integrated forming, which reduces the weight by 23% compared with the original design; no post-processing is required, and the manufacturing cycle is shortened by 50%-70%. Read more

It should be said that it is impossible to realize such a design by CNC material reduction processing after the traditional casting is completed. Wonder Tech is aimed at using the combination of reduced material manufacturing and added material manufacturing to manufacture lightweight shell with integrated heat exchange function, effectively realizing the combination of complexity and precision. Read more

This is not the first time BMW has entered into a relationship with 3D printing, 3D scanning technology. A few months ago, they used the technology to build thumb supports for workers to relieve repetitive motion stress on their joints while assembling and finishing BMW vehicles. The type of stress relief in the latest project involving 3D printing isn’t all that important to BMW’s workers, but it isn’t to those interested in driving a super-smooth BMW R9T motorcycle. Read more

Car modification is not only favored by consumers in the direction of appearance, but also the demand for improving performance and practicality is also increasing. Being able to quickly and effectively modify the auto parts specified by customers is the pursuit of all car modification companies and engineers, and it is also the requirement of individualized and differentiated consumers in the future. Read more

An essential part of the process of modifying the exterior of a car is to obtain data on the car’s curves in order to create a perfect fit.There are three methods of obtaining car exterior data. Read more

Aston Martin sports car with damaged right-hand side corner cladding piece, an expensive sports car, had to be matched with a high-tech machining method. Based on the left-hand side of the clad corner piece, the 3D scan data was processed, the 3D modelling design was created, and then the 3D data model was mirrored to create the finished part using 3D printing rapid prototyping technology. Read more

Case Studies

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The client wanted a customised seal based on a manuscript. Once the manuscript was obtained the lines were first extracted,...