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SLA Printing

The sole mold is a kind of tool used to make or copy the finished shoe sole, and its manufacturing cycle and quality will affect the competitiveness and replacement of the product in the market. Inject 3D scanning and 3D printing technology into the field of shoe sole mold production, truly realize the process optimization of shoe mold production and speed up product optimization iterations. Read more

This is not the first time BMW has entered into a relationship with 3D printing, 3D scanning technology. A few months ago, they used the technology to build thumb supports for workers to relieve repetitive motion stress on their joints while assembling and finishing BMW vehicles. The type of stress relief in the latest project involving 3D printing isn’t all that important to BMW’s workers, but it isn’t to those interested in driving a super-smooth BMW R9T motorcycle. Read more

Car modification is not only favored by consumers in the direction of appearance, but also the demand for improving performance and practicality is also increasing. Being able to quickly and effectively modify the auto parts specified by customers is the pursuit of all car modification companies and engineers, and it is also the requirement of individualized and differentiated consumers in the future. Read more

It is a film and television prop, based on the two-dimensional image provided by the customer, with the help of Zbrush software modelling design to get 3D model files, and then through the 3D printing equipment production processing. 3D modelling design, 3D printing processing and other one-stop solution, very good two-dimensional to three-dimensional, and then the production of the real thing. Read more

This time the customer wanted to print a set of model roses, which had some challenges for 3D printing. The slender branches and thin petals could only be accomplished with high precision light-curing 3D printing technology. The finished print has a fine surface and full detail after the support has been removed. Read more

The Taj Mahal, one of India’s monuments and a World Heritage Site, has been selected as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. The Taj Mahal, known as the “Taj Mahal”, is a huge mausoleum temple made of white marble. The model of the Taj Mahal was created through 3D modelling and design techniques, using 3D modelling software to obtain a 3D model file (STL file format) based on the physical appearance and using the current popular 3D printing and modelling technology. We had two major difficulties in dealing with this model, the initial model had many errors, contours, slits, holes, shells and other issues. Read more

Our client wanted to make a batch of medical prototypes for a trade show, but due to time constraints traditional manual production was not possible. So it came to us to make a 3D printed prototype. After the customer provided the model, we optimised the details of the model according to the size of the finished product to meet the production process while retaining as much detail as possible, and finally succeeded in making it to the exhibition. Read more

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Case Studies

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