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A hydraulic block is an important component in a hydraulic system, usually a compact square structure with multiple internal passages to allow oil to flow through it, used to control a wide range of mechanical equipment such as cars, excavators, upgrading tables, industrial machines and so on. Because of the need to divide into modules, mill and drill the oil channels internally and finally assemble them into a single unit, the current traditional process Read more

The client needed to produce his own design for a yacht model entry and chose to use 3D printing technology in order to produce it quickly. 3D printing is used as a processing method for the rapid production of handcrafted models that can be shaped quickly and in the shortest possible time frame. The client wanted us to print the finished product and colour it according to the 3D model file he provided. Let’s take a look at how the 3D modelling process works to repair the model file and 3D print and colour the assembly. Read more

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Case Studies

Scaling Bronze Sculpture

Sculpture company wanted to equivalently scale down an existing sculpture and turn it into a scaled-down version as a souvenir....

Custom Stamps Via Images

The client wanted a customised seal based on a manuscript. Once the manuscript was obtained the lines were first extracted,...